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TenaBrix® provides solutions for concrete reinforcement.

TenaBrix® products include Polypropylene Synthetic microfiber, Polypropylene Synthetic macrofiber and Polypropylene Fibrillated fiber.

TenaBrix® fiber products are widely used in Industrial floors, Residential construction, Highways, roads, bridges,Precast concrete products, Shotcrete, Composite steel decks, Agricultural applications, Tunnel segments and more applications.

Polypropylene Synthetic Microfiber - TenaBrix

Polypropylene synthetic microfiber

TenaBrix® Polypropylene synthetic microfiber is a high-strength fiber made of 100% virgin polypropylene as the raw material. Designed to mitigate the formation of plastic shrinkage cracking in concrete.
Polypropylene Synthetic Macrofiber - TenaBrix

Polypropylene synthetic macrofiber

TenaBrix® Polypropylene Synthetic Macrofiber is high quality polypropylene in large structure of fibers, produced by special molding process and surface modification to increase toughness of concrete.
Polypropylene Fibrillated fiber - TenaBrix

Polypropylene Fibrillated fiber

TenaBrix® Polypropylene Fibrillated Synthetic Microfiber manufactured from 100% virgin homopolymer polypropylene resins. The connection between the fibers can be fully expanded to a net structure.